Wednesday, April 22, 2009 social network launched

I managed to put together a Pinax-based social networking website for my project. Click on the visit link at the bottom of the page. It's still in the early stages and things will change, particularly as Pinax evolves (and as I learn how to write some Django apps). But it seems stable enough to use now, even though it is based on a pre-beta version of the 0.7 Pinax codebase.

My main motivation for getting this site going was, as described in more detail on the site, that my Team LaLanne project needed a place for folks to register their interest in and to organize local group "feat of strength" activities to celebrate Jack LaLanne's 95th birthday on 26 September 2009. So check it out and register if you dig Jack's pioneering efforts to help create today's fitness industry and get us all off our duffs.

And feel free to spread the word about it. This blog post is really my first major announcement about it. My twitter posts to my 9 followers doesn't really count (though I do value you all ;-).

And Happy Earth Day!